—Upcoming Events—

(All times are p.m. unless otherwise noted. Please note whether via Zoom or live.)



SUNDAY, Feb. 18:9:30a – Worship
 10:30a – Fellowship
  12:30 – OWL (grades 9-12)

MONDAY, Feb. 19:HOLIDAY6:00 – Transition Team

TUESDAY, Feb. 20: 6:30 – Continuing Stewardship
                                      7:00 – Ed. Faith Formation

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 21:1:00 – Staff Meeting
                                     6:00 – Community Night
                                     6:00 – Youth Follow-up 
                                     6:45 – Children’s Music
                                     7:00 – Choir

THURSDAY, Feb. 22:9:30a – Bible Study
                                     6:00p – Bell Choir
                                     7:00p – Intergenerational Chime Choir



SUNDAY, Feb. 25:9:30a – Worship
                                    10:30a – Fellowship
                                    11:00a – Adult Education
                                    11:00 – Family Class; Mindfulness
                                     12:00 a – Youth Skating Party

MONDAY, Feb. 26:5:30 – Deacons

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 28:1:00 – Staff Meeting
                                     6:00 – Community Night
                                     6:45 – Children’s Music
                                     7:00 – Choir

THURSDAY, Feb. 29:9:30a – Bible Study
                                     6:00 – Bell Choir
                                      7:00 – Intergenerational Chime Choir * * * * * * * *

Upcoming Events

The Book and Media Sale will be open again this Sunday, February 18th, before church and after Adult Ed.  You will have one more chance to look over our great items. Thanks to all of you who helped set it up, organize the donations and to those of you who purchased them. Until next year......... The Special Fund Raising Committee


There is no Adult Education this Sunday as many are on the Winter retreat. Next Sunday, the 25th, we will hear from members who participated in the Faith/Life Journey Group in 2023. 


Lent Event is coming up on March 3 following worship!  The theme this year is Earth Care; Self Care.

There will be stations with crafts and spiritual practices for the season.  Also scone baking, meditation,

and a Kazoo parade. Come find tools for the journeythe journey of Lent! Let Amy know if you are interested in helping plan or assist with this event.     


Our Special Offering for February is One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS):

OGHS works in collaboration with local and global partners to provide immediate aid (food, water, shelter, and companionship) to those affected by disasters, poverty, or war. When disaster strikes or people are displaced by violence or poverty, you are part of the response and recovery. The need has never been greater. Let us continue this good work. Let us stay energized. Let us give generously. The opportunity is now. It’s time to share.