Our Philosophy of Giving

We understand ourselves to live in the abundance of God's grace, and to have an abundance of resources. As the UCC Denominational stewardship theme for 2020 emphasizes, we recognize that we are beloved by God, and called to love, and our response to that love is to give, both to our own local church, and to the world around us. We made a commitment many years ago to give to "Our Church's Wider Mission" an amount equaling at least 20% of our expenses. Above and beyond this, we are committed to supporting important closely related ministries, such as our UCC Seminaries, and the Interfaith Ministries of Greater St. Paul. When you give to UCC in New Brighton, you are helping us to shine the light of Christ's love both within our congregation and far beyond. 

You will find more information about the options for giving on the DONATE tab here.

Our Narrative Budget includes information about how our spending falls out in terms of ministry areas. Our 2021 Narrative Budget is attached.


If you need help with an online transfer, please contact the office for contact information for our lead Financial Secretary.

Special Offerings

Each month of the year the Social Justice and Outreach Committee recommends a Special Offering for our consideration. Included in recent years have been:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Loaves & Fishes
  • School Tools
  • CUE (Chicago, United & Eden) UCC Seminaries
  • UCC Open & Affirming Coalition
  • Local Food Shelf
  • One Great Hour of Sharing
  • Strengthen the Church
  • Neighbors in Need
  • Christmas Fund (for retired ministers and church workers)
  • Our Church's Wider Mission

Giving to these ministries through the United Church of Christ in New Brighton helps us to communicate our love and support in solidarity and compassion.  

For more information on any of these offerings, please contact the church office.