Our  Values and Beliefs

Individuals in our congregation have their own values and beliefs, but here are the ones that bring us together:

You will hear us talk about Jesus, whom we know and relate to in diverse ways. For some of us, he is "Lord and Savior"; for others, the "pioneer and perfecter of our faith"; and still for others, he is a teacher and guide. We affirm that he came to teach us of God's love and grace.

Our sermons explore the scriptures, agreeing with the assertion of John Robinson (a pilgrim forebearer of the UCC) that "there is ever more truth and light to break forth from God's word." We understand and appreciate that doubt and curiosity are important parts of the faith journey, along with confidence in the power of love and forgiveness.

We are a church, and not just a social club. As such, we experience ourselves as a community called to be disciples of Christ, and sent into the world to share God's love and help to bring about God's realm on Earth (where all people live in peace with justice).

As a UCC congregation, we value our covenantal relationships to other church and the wider church. We are grateful for our autonomy, AND celebrate our connectedness to the church universal - therefore we participate in the Minnesota Conference (acting as an Association) in discerning God's call to us. 

Our Communion table is an open table. All are welcome regardless of age, denomination, and church experience.

We are an "Open and Affirming" (OnA) congregation of the United Church of Christ, welcoming all people into our community of Christian faith.  At UCCNB, persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities are welcomed into the full life of our congregation. We seek to become more open and affirming of all without regard to their gender, race, skin color, marital status, class, national origin, age, physical condition, mental ability, or sexual orientation.

Our giving of resources includes a "special offering" each month, remembering every time we gather that we have been blessed with abundance and are called to care for others.

We share joys and concerns as a gathered community most Sundays as we enter into prayer. But our prayers also include concern for those who are victims of injustice and oppression everywhere, and hope in those who will lead and affect change in the world.  And we pray, regularly, for the healing of our planet and celebration of God's creation.

You will see and hear children in most of our gatherings, embodying our belief that we are called to nurture and welcome people in all generations of life.

You will hear us laugh a lot—at ourselves, at life, with each other, just as we also strive to be present to one another in times of struggle and challenge, through prayer, service, listening, and practical help.

Our education and faith formation continue our whole lives. Each week there are opportunities for all to learn, in all generations.

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